Divine Invention – Reviews, Extracts and Interviews

I recently had a blog tour for my debut novel, Divine Invention, and I am absolutely thrilled with the response it has had. The wonderful reviews provided by bloggers have helped to spread word of mouth and Divine Invention is being read more now than ever.

A huge thank you to Rachel for organising the blog tour. I highly recommend her to other writers, she is both dedicated to your works and professional.


Sean’s Book Reviews – “Truly a masterpiece of it’s own sub section of this genre”

Pagefarer Book Blog – “Enjoyable, at times beautifully (even poetically) written, and basically a good, fun, hero’s quest romp”

In De Boeken Kast – “Forster opens our eyes to how we today act and think”

Birdie’s Bibliotheca – “It’s like Monty Python wrote an epic fantasy”

Bertyboy123 – “A book for our times with environmental crisis looking over our shoulders”

Oh Book It – “The plot kept me hooked from the start”

The Divine Write – “I loved this book”

Jessica Rachow – “Divine Invention drew me in right away and kept me interested”

The Midnight Review – “Anyone who enjoys a varied cast of characters, subtle humour and some action thrown in for good measure will enjoy this new series”

A Little Book Problem – “A fresh, funny and original book from an emerging talent”

Read, Write, Inspire – “Different to anything I’ve read before which was a refreshing change”

Bookshine and Readbows – “This is an entertaining, deceptively straightforward read that turns out to have hidden layers and address serious issues.”

Rosie Writes… – “I read most of this book in a day, happily turning the pages and exploring as their world opened up to me”

Babydolls and Razorblades – “I was hooked from the start”

Curled Up with a Good Book – “I LOVE Aereon… he’s a brilliant character and is described so well – I really felt like I was getting to know him.”


B is for Book Review

Jazzy Book Reviews

Just Books


Donna’s Book Blog

The Magic of Wor(l)ds

Rae Reads


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